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Which weight loss programme should I do?

If you can’t decide which weight loss programme would suit you best, come in and we can discuss it.

Ultralite is a fantastic eating plan. There is a manual with all the allowed foods listed, along with a great recipe section. Food in the Ultralite plan needs to be weighed so you do need to be a little organised. Weight loss with Ultralite is very consistent and people feel great. I have included some testimonials for you to read.

The Bios Life Slim product is a fat burning product and also beneficial for high cholestrol and blood sugar management. This product is great for those who have a very busy lifestyle as all that is needed  is two drinks to be mixed daily. I would, of course, look at what you are eating and discuss any changes that may be neccessary to get you eating what is right for you. Presently among the people using Bios Life Slim, I have a type 1 diabetic who is amazed at how his blood sugars have come down and are stable overnight also. He has also lost weight in his first week of using the product and is feeling more energetic.

If you don’t wish to do any type of programme but want to drop a few kilos I am happy to tailor an eating plan to suit you and help you achieve your goal.

All consultations are one-on-one with weekly weigh ins. Measurements are also recorded along with BMI and body fat percentage.

Ultralite | Bios Life Slim | Testimonials

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