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The foundation of natural medicine can be traced back to Hippocrates in 400BC and is based on the principles of disease prevention and health maintenance. Causes of illness are looked at rather than treating just the symptoms and treatment is using safe, gentle, natural remedies; treating the whole person – physical, mental and emotional. A 1st consultation is between 60-90 minutes where a comprehensive health history is taken, blood pressure checked, tongue and nail diagnosis and also iridology. Subsequent consultations are 25-30 minutes to monitor your progress and adjust your care plan should this be required.

Treatment options will be fully discussed with you and could include vitamin and mineral therapy, herbs, along with diet and lifestyle changes.  Remedies are tested using QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) to ensure they are suited to you. Given the right conditions the body will heal itself.

Benefits for you include:

  • understanding the importance of diet, exercise and lifestyle factors which influence health and wellbeing
  • learning the active role you can play in your own healing process
  • experiencing renewed energy and vitality


Hemaview is a form of live blood screening that may help improve your health more effectively than ever before. Using only one or two drops of your blood, Kaye will investigate the size, shape and ratios of the red cells, white cells and platelets in your blood. Click Here for more information about the benefits of Hemaview screening.

Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA)

QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) is a unique, highly effective system using university-proven energy testing techniques of medically accepted reflex points.

QRA is safe, painless and provides your practitioner with insights to determine and address the underlying causes of individual health concerns.

During a QRA session your practitioner will test the bio-energetic status of the body’s key organs and glands using points on the surface of the body (through clothing).

A customised nutritional programme will be designed to help you achieve your health goals.

QRA is used to assess:-

  • Organ and gland stress.
  • Chronic infections.
  • Detoxification.
  • Nutritional requirements for optimal recovery.
  • Product quality, efficacy and dose required by the individual.
  • Emotional and physical traumas (interference fields) that may be inhibiting health and wellbeing.

Physical Interference Fields & Clay Therapy

Trauma to the body (e.g. scars, vaccinations, whiplash, falls, fractures, surgery, etc) can create IFs by short-circuiting natural energy flow to organs and glands. The result of this interference can manifest into symptoms often seeming unrelated to the original trauma. Even very old injury sites can become IFs that create toxic reflex patterns negatively impacting health.

QRA testing can quickly and accurately identify these IFs and clear the blockage to restore optimal cellular resonance and greatly enhance clinical results. This is achieved by using therapeutic clays and ionised mineral packs applied externally to the body.

Emotional Interference Fields & ERT

Emotional trauma and/or negative thought patterns can create IFs that impede an individual’s progress in restoring health and vitality. By identifying and repolarising the negative emotional patterns using ERT (Emotional Repolarising Technique) optimal cellular resonance is restored.

ERT is easy to do and provides powerful results. Clearing emotional IFs may be key in unlocking the body’s innate healing capacity.

Importance of Clearing Interference Fields

Clearing physical and emotional IFs can be the difference between requiring a very large amount of nutritional support to a small amount for the same results.

In addition, restoring natural energy flow and communication pathways to all cells of the body has a profound impact on health and vitality.

The QRA system uses unique once-living products that contain only the most exquisitely well-grown ingredients, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilisers or fumigants.

The only nutrients on earth truly capable of allowing the body to regain and sustain its ideal cellular resonance are those from a once-living source, grown under ideal conditions, harvested at peak potency, stored and packaged in a toxic-free protective environment.

QRA overview

  • The result of three decades of intensive research.
  • Non-invasive, advance form of kinesiology using acupressure points to assess the bio-energetic status of key organs and glands.
  • Identifies underlying causes of health issues.
  • Helps identify and clear physical and emotional interference fields.
  • Tests for nutrient bio-compatibility.
  • Provides reliable and reproducible results.

Massage Therapy

Far beyond simply “feeling good” massage has an impressive range of theraputic effects and benefits. Massage stretches and loosens muscle and connective tissue, improves blood and lymph flow, speeds removal of metabolic waste products and allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the cells and tissues, releases muscular tension bringing a new awareness to areas of the body.

Relaxation Massage is an excellent way to reduce stress, aches and pains, tension, headaches, improve circulation, increase joint flexibility and assist with sleeping problems.

Bowen Therapy

The Bowen Therapeutic Technique is a dymanic remedial technique which is very gentle and relaxing. It empowers the body’s own healing ability to achieve balance and harmony resulting in relief from pain and discomfort be releasing tension from muscles. No forceful manipulation, just a light cross-fibre manoeuvring of muscle, tendon and ligament.

Weight Loss

Kaye uses the Ultra lite and Bios Life Slim weight loss programmes. Ultra Lite is an an easy to follow weight loss programme. A balanced protein and carbohydrate eating programme along with supplement sachets daily ensure weight loss which is safe and effective. Weight loss in the first week can range from 2-5 kilograms and 1-3 kilograms thereafter. Teaching of a maintenance programme after you reach your goal enables you to keep your weight off permanently and experience renewed energy and vitality. Find out more about Ultra Lite weight loss programme.

The Bios Life Slim product is a fat burning product and also beneficial for high cholestrol and blood sugar management. This product is great for those who have a very busy lifestyle as all that is needed  is two drinks to be mixed daily. Find out more about Bios Life Slim weight loss programme.

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